Little Grey Cels

Anime Of The Decade

The start of the 2021 Winter season marks the end of a pretty damn interesting decade of anime. Your Name nearly knocked Spirited Away off the podium for highest grossing anime film of all time only for them both to be beaten by the new Demon Slayer movie, anime began testing the waters of theContinue reading “Anime Of The Decade”

The Best Christmas Movie

Christmas most certainly ain’t my favourite time of year. In fact I dread the holidays, the planning, the cost and the sheer amount of work involved in the whole ordeal especially during the hell year of 2020. BUT I like anime so let’s make this work.  Tokyo Godfathers is a movie written and directed byContinue reading “The Best Christmas Movie”

In Defence of Korra

Making a sequel for any acclaimed series is an incredibly difficult task. You must capture the essence of the original while adding compelling new content that isn’t too radically different either. Alienating fans of the first installment tends to be where many sequels fail, we see franchises time and time again stumble into a cashContinue reading “In Defence of Korra”

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