Good For Health, Bad For Education

Okay so Manga UK had recently celebrated the 4k remaster of Akira by showing it in select IMAX theatres around the country. As soon as the announcement was made I was immediately hyped, I signed up to be notified as soon as bookings went live and continuously refreshed the nearest Cineworld website whenever I hadContinue reading “Good For Health, Bad For Education”

Delving Within The Shell: The Hidden Story Of Ghost In The Shell

As far as I am concerned, Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 Ghost in the Shell is an absolute masterpiece of a film. A cult classic as well as my personal favourite movie, Ghost in the Shell is an 82 minutes anime adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s manga of the same name. The movie is set in the cyberpunk-esqueContinue reading “Delving Within The Shell: The Hidden Story Of Ghost In The Shell”

She-Ra And The Power Of Loveable Characters

Different people have different definitions of what constitutes a spoiler. So very mild spoiler warning I guess. If you haven’t already heard, Netflix’s She-Ra: Princesses of Power reboot finished airing after 5 seasons back in May. After having it recommended to me I cautiously decided to give it a go once the show had wrappedContinue reading “She-Ra And The Power Of Loveable Characters”

Animation Is Underappreciated And You Should Care

There seems to be a social stigma attached to animation as a medium, especially over here in the western world. Typically when the average Joe hears the word “cartoon” they will immediately think of Saturday morning children’s shows and leave it at that. Any other animated work aimed at an older audience tends to beContinue reading “Animation Is Underappreciated And You Should Care”

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